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Phase 1: Initiatives Stock Take


Phase 2: Project Definition



Phase 3: Stakeholder Feedback

Phase 4: Publication & Adoption


Draft Natural Capital Principles and Framework


The Natural Capital Protocol



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The Challenge

Currently, companies that measure and value their impacts and dependencies on natural capital do so in a myriad of different ways. This prevents comparability, consistency and mainstream adoption of these approaches.

 Funding Partners

Work on the Natural Capital Protocol Project has been made possible with generous funding from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and the Swiss Economic Ministry (SECO) and Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affars to IFC at the World Bank.



The Project

The Natural Capital Protocol Project responds to this challenge. The overall vision of the Natural Capital Protocol (NCP) is to transform the way business operates through understanding and incorporating their impacts and dependencies on natural capital. The intent is not to invent new methods, but to build on the front runners that already exist, fill the gaps, and enable a period of experimentation in the market via different sectors and geographies. This will enable lessons to be learnt and the current gaps to be better understood. It is anticipated that the resulting framework would be the starting point to inform future standards.

The aim of the NCP is to enable business to assess and better manage their direct & indirect interactions with natural capital, and will:

  • provide clear guidance on qualitative, quantitative and monetary valuation of natural capital impacts and dependencies and when to apply which level of assessment;
  • be framed for use in different business applications;
  • provide guidance on the applicability of the Protocol at different organizational levels (corporate, project, products, site) through the value chain;
  • be applicable to all business sectors across all geographies.

The NCP will support companies in their decision-making and can be used for a range of applications, incl. risk management, exploring new revenue streams, improving products and value chain innovation, as well as preparing for future reporting and disclosure.



For more detail please see our overview document here, and visit the following pages:


Developing the Protocol

Business Engagement


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